Thieves caught on camera breaking into Greenwood storage units

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GREENWOOD, Ind. – Early Sunday morning, security cameras captured two men in a pickup truck stealing from units at Aunt Betty’s Storage in Greenwood.

“You’re mad. You’ve been violated. You work hard to do what you do,” said Brian Van Deman, owner of Aunt Betty’s Storage.

Van Deman tells FOX59, the thieves cut the fence and drove the pickup onto the facility grounds. Once the thieves spot one of the exterior cameras, one guy tried to use his shirt to cover his face. You can see one of the thieves knocking down the camera and then eventually disconnecting and stealing it.

“It’s pretty obvious that they’re good cameras,” said Van Deman.

The thieves loaded up their pickup truck with things worth thousands of dollars, mostly tools. One truckload wasn’t enough.

“They were in here for about 20 minutes the first time around they left for 42-43 minutes and came back to fill the truck up again,” said Van Deman.

The thieves hit 12 storage units, one belonging to Army Reserve Sgt. Yasmine Elzy. Elzy’s sleeping bag, a pair of boots, and uniform was gone.

“It’s memories. It’s tied to tours, to people, it’s tied to a lot of different things,” said Yasmine Elzy.

The thieves even went and checked out the indoor units and that’s where the camera got the clearest picture of them. When the thieves realized the corner camera, they tried to destroy it, but it was too late.

“I laughed it’s the two stooges vs the three stooges,” said Van Deman.

All the surveillance footage has been handed over to detectives. If you recognize either of the thieves or the truck, you’re asked to call Greenwood police.

“These guys are just going to do it again, if they’re not caught. They may not do it here again but they may do it to your house, or somebody else’s house, or garage or another storage unit, whatever the case, they need to be caught,” said Van Deman.