Woman says around $50K worth of items missing from her Indianapolis storage unit

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INDIANAPOLIS, IND. – An Indianapolis woman says a mix-up at a local storage unit has cost her at least $50,000 and she has no idea where her belongings are.

“It is my entire house, my living room things, couch, TV, books, kitchen supplies, pots, pans, dishes, dining room set and more,” said Public Storage customer Charity Nyathi.

Charity says she packed up her entire life into a rental unit at Public Storage on High School Road, before moving to Dallas last month. Now, she tells us everything she owned is gone.

“I think that maybe they auctioned it and now they are not telling me,” said a frustrated Nyathi.

According to Nyathi’s contract with Public Storage, she rented a storage unit on July 30. She paid for one month and made arrangements with the staff to pick up her belongings in September. She said she even offered to pay a late fee for the removal of her items. Nyathi says when she returned to get her things on September 17; there was a new lock on the unit.

“She just said no you were vacated. Now, there is somebody else in that storage unit,” said Nyathi.

Charity said that the confusion began at the start of her contract at the end of July. The unit she was assigned was too dirty, so they moved her to another storage locker, but did not update the contract. Charity believes everything she has ever owned has been auctioned off.

A closer look at Charity’s contract from Public Storage says that even if Charity had placed her items in the storage unit at the end of July, and did not pay them after August 30, the contract states Public Storage would wait 90 days before selling her items.

“They just told me oh, you bought insurance. Just go back and file a claim with the insurance company. They said there is nothing we can do, this was your fault,” said Nyathi.

Charity says Public Storage records still reflect the wrong storage unit and no one is saying where all of her belongings have gone. FOX59 went to the location and were told the employees could not comment. We also called the Public Storage District Manager Erica Freeman to find out what happened.

“Unfortunately, just like at the property we are not able to speak to that. But, I can give you the telephone number for our chief legal officer if you would like,” said Freeman on the phone.

We followed her advice and still have not received a comment on what happened.

Now, Nyathi is begging whoever may have seen her things to return them. Especially the priceless items like family memories.

“Also, my photo albums and pictures that I had are important to me. Especially the ones with my mom, sister, and brother because they are dead and I cannot wake them up and get the pictures again,” said Nyathi.

Nyathi tells FOX59 she is looking into taking legal action against Public Storage.