Police: Methamphetamine arrests lead to child neglect charges in Greenfield

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Raney Jones (left) and Amy Smith (right)

GREENFIELD, Ind. – Police in Greenfield arrested three people on neglect and drug-related charges last week after a warrant sweep.

The first case involved Raney Jones, 25, and Amy Smith, 32. According to court documents, the couple used methamphetamine in front of their daughter.

The incident dates back to July 19, when police found Jones near the intersection of McKenzie Road and Candlelite Court. Neighbors had called to report a suspicious person; when officers arrived they found Jones “sweating profusely” and acting strangely.

He told police that men armed with guns were chasing after him. Jones said he’d been drinking; the investigating officer believed he was on something “more than alcohol,” court documents said.

Officers went Jones’ home, where they found Amy Smith and their daughter. A check of the home showed there were no armed assailants inside. When asked about Jones’ behavior, Smith said he’d been acting strangely all day.

Both later tested positive for meth amphetamine, police said. Jones admitted he’d been “doing meth all night and all morning” and had done drugs in front of their daughter. Both were arrested on a charge of neglect of a dependent.

The child was removed from the home and placed in the care of a relative.

Kristina Moorman

Kristina Moorman

In a similar case, police arrested a Greenfield woman after they say she tested positive for meth while taking care of her boyfriend’s children.

Police were called to the home on July 28 when three children wandered away and went to a neighbor’s home. Neighbors called police after their caretaker, Kristina Moorman, 26, appeared to be intoxicated.

Moorman was sweating profusely, couldn’t sit still and was talking “in a very rapid manner,” according to court documents. She didn’t appear to know the whereabouts of the children she was supposed to be taking care of, police said.

Moorman was arrested on a count of neglect of a dependent.