Be sure to stretch! The stretches you should do before and after your workout

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We are getting physical and fit on Fox. Today is National Women`s Health and Fitness Day. We want to make sure you avoid injuries as you embark on an exercise plan.

Dynamic Stretches (Pre Workout Stretches, dependent on the type of workout that is going to be performed, you want to stretch the muscles that will be used in a flowing, moving pattern)
1) Large Circles with Arms
2) Knee lifts using arms
3) Straight Leg Kicks Forward and Back, using a chair for balance
4) Lunges Forward Keeping Knee at 90degree angle, not forward over toes, and using a Torso turn to stretch
5) If getting ready to run a light jog to begin, if indoor cycling light resistance

Static Stretches (Post workout Stretches, slow hold focusing on stretching the warm muscle to improve flexibility and prevent stiffness)
1) Deep Breath (inhaling thru the nose) raising arms above head and reaching higher, slowly exhale (thru the mouth) while bringing the arms down to the side of the body
2) After bringing arms down, reach arms forward as you bend from the waist with long spine and bring hands close to or to the floor, with knees straight, but not locked
3) Lunge back with the right leg, placing the right knee onto the floor and the left leg knee bent lunged forward. Push forward on the right knee so as not to have weight placement on the knee itself, feeling the stretch in the front of the right leg (quadricep) area. Then if possible lift arms above head and turn body to the left with the right elbow turned at the front left leg. Repeat on the other leg.
4) Bring legs together and then walk hands into plank position, lowering into Cobra to to stretch shoulders and neck

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