Creepy clown reports have professional clowns seeing red

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Creepy clown sightings are crossing the country yet again, putting many parents on alert. Nearly a dozen states make up the list of places where creepy clowns have been seen.

A Seymour, Indiana man said a clown with a red suit and red wig chased him on his way to work Wednesday morning.

Muncie police have also had to put out a statement about supposed clown sightings.

A clown costume isn’t meant to strike fear, but for some people it does. A professional Carmel clown we talked with said all the bad attention is bad for her business.

For Sunny Johnson, clowning around as “Cuddles” is a way of life.

“Once your nose is on, that’s it,” she said, as she put on her costume Wednesday.

She’s run her business Clowns, Etc – Your Entertainment Company in central Indiana for decades. Entertaining children is part of who Johnson is.

But her smile’s turned to a frown in recent years with the emergence of “creepy clowns” and their supposed threats of danger.

“I don’t like those creepy clowns,” she said, “I can’t believe they’d be standing on the street side or walking up and down the street… That’s not who we are. We bring joy and laughter to other people.”

Rumors of violent clowns swirled in Muncie, enough for police to put out a Facebook post on Wednesday to keep the peace, saying their officers haven’t seen any clowns.

In Brazil, Indiana, police reported that a resident complained someone dressed as a clown went to a home asking for candy, and then they heard a child’s scream. Police said they have no reports of any abductions, though there were clown sightings, and they call it a Facebook scare that’s run “out of control.”

“I don’t like it,” said Johnson.

Johnson said interest in her kind of clowns has declined over the years. She used to employ 32, and now she employs seven.

She just hopes the creepy clown fad doesn’t paint all clowns with the same brush.

"They get publicity. They get notoriety. That’s not what we’re all about,” she said.

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