Colts fans enjoying London before the team takes on the Jaguars at Wembley Stadium

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LONDON -- While the Colts have been treating the visit to London as a business trip, that's not the case for the nearly 250 Colts fans who traveled from Indianapolis to London and have been enjoying three days of British attractions leading up to kickoff during what they consider the trip of a lifetime.

“I was out walking around all morning and I saw Colts fans everywhere,” said Kyle Kinnett, CEO of Bullseye Event Group.

The horseshoe is expanding its presence abroad this weekend, in part thanks to a loyal Colts contingent who made the trip from Indy to London with Bullseye Event Group.

“Most groups that have come here have brought 100 to 120 fans, we brought 247 so i think it’s the most for any franchise in terms of fan groups,” Kinnett said.

Many of these longtime fans often travel to support the team, but so far, a chance to experience England is quickly becoming a favorite.

“The super bowl trips have been awesome, those were a lot of fun but I don’t know that it compares to London,” Larry Palmer, a season ticket holder since 1984, said as he sat at admiralty in Trafalgar Sqaure, the official “Colts house” for fans in London.

This trip combined culture and Colts football for an unforgettable experience.

“First opportunity for a lot of people to come to London, and see their football game, they said ‘we’re going,'” Kinnentt said.

Palmer was joined on the trip by his wife Pam, along with his sister, Patti and her husband Tom Dean.

“We’ve been riding a few double-decker buses, visiting museums and sightseeing, and we’ve been going to a lot of pubs,” Palmer said.

After a full four days of taking in all the London attractions, now the one sight left for these fans to hopefully see is a Colts victory over the Jaguars at Wembley Stadium.