Boden Road and 156th Street intersection made safer through signs and signal

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Boden Rd & 156th intersection

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — Recent improvements at the intersection of Boden Road and 156th Street have made that crossing safer for motorists.

The Noblesville Engineering Department has added signs indicating an upcoming stop along the east-west sides of 156th Street along with multiple over-sized stop signs at the intersection. A flashing light signal has been constructed with a red light for 156th Street and a yellow light on Boden Road.

“These improvements are above normal standards to provide enhanced advanced warning,” City Engineer John Beery said.

Because there were a couple of serious accidents at the intersection in 2015, officials said the improvements are a preventative measure taken to ensure drivers come to a complete stop on 156th Street before proceeding.

“Boden Road is seeing higher traffic rates as motorists use it to travel north and south on the east side of the city. Our goal with the heightened safety is to curtail any future serious accidents. Other factors are involved when it comes to accidents, but with these improvements we hope drivers are a little more cognizant of others and yield properly,” Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear said

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