#NotOkay movement on social media starts viral discussion on sexual assault

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A social media campaign that started this weekend has tens of millions of people telling their stories of sexual assault.

“Being able to say that they were sexually assaulted is an enormous step. We now have to listen to them and we have to take this seriously,” said Tracey Horth Krueger of the Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault.

Women throughout the nation are using #NotOkay as a platform to share their stories of sexual assault and abuse with the public and the amount of stories is massive.  Every post is a different scenario. Some of these extremely personal posts include experiences with complete strangers, doctors or friends.

“We now have to listen to these people and we have to take this seriously,” said Horth Krueger.

Experts say a sexual assault occurs every 107 seconds in the United States and 1 in 5 women in Indiana are a victim of rape at some point in their life.

“If you are not giving your consent, then it is not okay,” said Horth Krueger.

Experts at the Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault hope the conversation about sexual assault and the rape culture will now shift from online postings to discussing ways to stop the rape culture.

“Just like the posts said, it is not okay and we have to be willing to have blunt conversations. As a state, we need to recognize that this exists and then start having conversations about how this behavior is unacceptable in our country,” said Horth Krueger.

The Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault has several resources available including counseling and information on sexual assault.

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