Police find marijuana grow operation while serving unrelated warrant

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INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Metropolitan police found much more than they expected when they went to serve a warrant on the near north side Tuesday afternoon.

IMPD says Northwest District Flex officers, along with vice and narcotics officers attempted to serve a drug-related felony warrant in the 2200 block of North Capital Avenue just after 3:30 p.m. When officers entered the back yard, they found a large marijuana plant growing next to a detached garage.

“Officers were only coming here initially for the individual who was listed on the warrant,” said IMPD Officer Aaron Hamer. “At the point of them being here, they realized that there was more here than they suspected.”

Inside the house, IMPD says they found a hydroponics marijuana growing lab, several guns and a large amount of marijuana being packaged.

“They believe that they were definitely packaging at this location, basically to sell,” Hamer said.

Officers arrested 49-year-old Linda Glover on preliminary charges of possessing marijuana, cocaine and paraphernalia.

The arrest came as a surprise to neighbors down the street.

“I never knew, none of us ever knew, none of the neighbors knew that she had a hydroponics plant,” said Abdul Shaeed, who lives five houses down. “She just didn’t fit the character of what I would have ever thought was what people think are criminals.”

Shaeed, who referred to Linda Glover as “Ms. Linda,” described her as a nice lady and kind neighbor.

“On Sundays she makes these scrumptious, very good meals that she sells for $8 and you get a soda and dessert,” Shaeed said. “If somebody would have came down the street and told me that that’s what she was doing, I would have been like no. But when the police come and you see that’s what happened, you’re like wow.”

It is not clear whether Glover is suspected of running the marijuana operation or if she was involved with others.

IMPD is not saying who they were originally looking for at the home. Hamer would only say the warrant was a drug-related felony warrant, and the person being sought had not yet been located.