Band ‘Mac Sabbath’ covers Black Sabbath with fast-food twist

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HOUSTON, Texas - Would you like a side of fries with your Black Sabbath?

"You think it is yummy yummy cheeseburger band, but when you really break down the lyrics and look at it, it's warning you of the evils of fast food," said band manager Mike Odd.

Meet Mac Sabbath, the creators of drive-thru heavy metal.

The band consists of Ronald Osbourne on lead vocals, Slayer McCheese on guitar, Grim Alice on bass guitar and Catburgler also known as Peter Criss Cut Fries on drums.

"Thank you to Black Sabbath in so many ways," said Odd.

The band covers Sabbath songs with their own lyrical take, but when Black Sabbath ended up posting a "Frying Pan" music video from YouTube from Mac Sabbath on their own website, that exposure helped the video reach over a million views.

"We feel supported by them. That's all we know. It's almost as mysterious as the creepy clown conspiracy."

The band formed in 2014 and was part of the Download Festival where they played alongside Motley Crue, KISS and Slipknot.

They may be wearing costumes on stage, but they don't mask their feelings when it comes to food.

"If you delve into the lyrics, it does kind of get heavy and kind of hardcore. Throws some heavy punches."

It's not like fans are being hammered with slogans by a political entity. After all, the guys just want to clown around while jamming

"It's really amazing to see the people's faces melted off every night. I really have a good time with that."

Black Sabbath rolls into Houston on Nov. 10., reports KIAH.

"They're doing their End Tour, but for Mac Sabbath, this is just the beginning."

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