How to score great deals on items for your home

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We know the fall season is here, but did you know prices are also falling for home goods?

The discounts at home stores are quite large in some cases.

“The great thing is this year there's going to be extremely aggressive pricing on appliances you're looking at, not just here but at other home centers. For example, we have a dishwasher that's typically $699 that's going down to $249,” said Todd Byczek, mange of the Lowe's store on Shadeland.

Many home stores have huge savings, ahead of the holidays, but many consumers worry if they buy now, they could find cheaper deals later. That's why you may want to look for price guarantees if possible.

“Even if something goes on a great sale, you can still be assured that you're going to get it at that cheaper price, if it goes on sale at Lowe’s within a month of your purchase,” said Byczek.

That 30-day guarantee is key this time of year as many retailers will have huge sales coming up on Black Friday, which is less than a month away.

Another thing that can get pricey as the temperature drops is fixing your furnace! One major way to make your furnace last is by replacing your furnace filters. You can also buy a contractor pack of filters and generally save at least 20%.

So how often should you change your furnace filter? It’s far more frequent than you think.

“If you're going to do it right, do it every month! Some manufacturers say you can wait for three months, but one month is the best and once a year is no good! There are so many different airborne allergens that can invade the home that can lead to a clogged system and health issues,” said Kathleen Harper, a clerk at Lowe’s.

Poor filtration can cost you an expensive furnace repair or replacement before it’s time.

Poor home security can cost you as well. Security systems are relatively cheap, like the Ring Doorbell. It activates with the touch of your doorbell or motion. And it can be recorded for just a few bucks a month.

“A lot of us are getting packages from Amazon right now. With the Ring Doorbell, you'll know that it's there so you can go get it, or have a neighbor pick it up for you until you can get home. You can also see whatever is happening on a live video feed or by looking at the recorded version on iCloud. You can also see if someone swipes it,” said Byczek.

Here is another big money saver for homes that have carpet: When you price it, know the total price before confirming the deal.

In recent years it could be confusing because of additional charges. Many stores have now eliminated those charges because of tough competition.

“Sometimes there were extra charges, not just for padding and installation, but for carpeting steps, and moving of furniture. It was a lot of different things where the cost would add up. However being in the competitive landscape, we no longer charge for a lot of that stuff. So there's never been a better time than right now to buy carpet, not just here but at other places, too,” said Bycezek.

Keep in mind, cheaper is not always best. Do shop around, but get opinions from family, friends and online sites to find the most reputable places for whatever you need.

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