IMPD raids nightclub, arrests 24 people during drug bust

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Indianapolis police arrest two dozen people following a major raid on a local nightclub.

It’s closed for business today, but inside the El BB Latino Club on Pike Plaza Road, investigators with the IMPD say their undercover officers were able to buy drugs over the course of several months.

“Our narcotics detectives were making buys out of the bar. They also had tips there was other vice activity going on,” said IMPD commander Michael Jefferson.

Commander Jefferson says along with confirmed drug activity, possible prostitution and human trafficking was going on inside the business.

The IMPD raided the club over the weekend, arresting 24 people with the help of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

“We knew there might be a lot of people in there, that’s why we got help from other agencies and other units from all over the city were there to help,” said Jefferson.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the managing partner for the business Luis Aguilar was arrested after officers found cocaine and heroin in his desk.

The bust at the nightclub is just part of the city’s ongoing crackdown on illegal drugs. This week, undercover officers with numerous agencies have been serving dozens of warrants all across the city.

Back in June, IMPD officers arrested dozens of people as part of “Operation First Step.” As the name implied, that was just the beginning of a series of drug raids this year.

The police chief said since May more than 1,400 suspects have been arrested on various drug charges. Nearly a third of those arrests, close to 500, have been taken place in the southwest district.

Over the same time, nearly 300 guns have been seized along with more than a half million dollars in drug money.

The IMPD says the busts will continue.

“As you’ve seen throughout the year, this is the new normal. We will continue addressing issues contributing to violence in our neighborhoods,” said IMPD major Richard Riddle.

“Since chief Riggs came on and gave each district its own flex team and narcotics team, we can be more responsive to our particular side of town,” said Jefferson.

Several of the suspects arrested at the night club worked at the business. All the customers were checked and some were arrested for having active warrants.

Police say some of the people taken into custody may now face deportation.

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