Zionsville police say fatal shooting of 82-year-old victim seems ‘extremely random;’ DNA was crucial to arrest in case

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Picture of Jac Clements released by family

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – During a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Zionsville police said DNA evidence is what led them to make an arrest in the murder of 82-year-old resident Jac Clements.

“It was vital and very essential that that DNA was on file in Ohio,” said Zionsville Police Chief Robert Knox.

Knox also said at this point in time the motive for the murder of Clements is unknown. “I do not know why Mr. Clements would have been targeted, it does seem extremely random… It makes absolutely no sense why a man at 82-years-old would be shot down on his driveway while going to get his mail.”

The family of Zionsville murder victim Jac Clements says they are “relieved” an arrest has been made in the case.

The Clements family released the following statement Tuesday morning:

“We are relieved that the Boone County  Prosecutor has been able to file charges in the murder of our father. We are very thankful to the Zionsville Police Department, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the Indiana State Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation and others involved in the investigation. Their diligent work brought this to a quick resolution so that others would not be harmed. We are also very thankful for our friends and neighbors in Zionsville who were able to provide information to the police related investigation.”

Clements was at his mailbox in the 800 block of Terrace Drive at about noon on September 28 when a man armed with a semi-automatic assault-style weapon opened fire. Zionsville police said at the time it appeared to be a random incident with no motive.

Damoine A. Wilcoxson, 21, was arrested yesterday after a several hours-long SWAT standoff with police in connection with two shootings at IMPD headquarters this month. Shortly after his arrest, Zionsville police announced charges against the same man in connection with Clements’ murder.

According to court documents filed Monday, police were able to connect shell casings from the two police station shootings and determined they came from the same gun. Racially-charged notes found at the scenes were also connected via handwriting analysis.

Damoine Wilcoxson

Damoine Wilcoxson

Investigators were able to determine that four casings found in the Clements home matched casings from the shootings at the police stations. Some of them had the same ejector marks, and were found to be shot from the same firearm.

Lab results showed a partial DNA profile on one of the recovered notes, as well as a partial profile on a shell casing.

The DNA was placed into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) for comparison. There was a hit on the test and it indicated the DNA matched that of Wilcoxson, who had previous arrests in Ohio for robbery.

Additionally, police say Wilcoxson’s girlfriend is the registered owner of the white Impala that was seen fleeing the scene of the Zionsville shooting.

Wilcoxson faces a maximum penalty of 65 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for the murder charge. More charges are expected to be filed in connection with the other incidents.

“As one can see from the Probable Cause Affidavit Wilcoxson is an angry individual who was looking to do harm to innocent people.  I am relieved to know that he is now in police custody.  My office will now get to work to see that justice is served and that he is successfully prosecuted and convicted for this horrible crime that he is alleged to have committed,” said Prosecuting Attorney Todd J. Meyer.