Twice this week, suspected drunk drivers hit people pushing stalled cars

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Twice in less than a week, suspected drunk drivers have hit people while they were pushing stalled cars out of the roadway in Indianapolis.

First on Saturday, and then again Wednesday morning, a broken down car led to tragedy. Both times, the victims were trying to push their cars out of the road.

On Lafayette Road Saturday, 23-year-old Tyler Cooper was killed. He was pushing his car when police say Terry Ferguson, 62, hit him and drove away. Police later apprehended her for driving while intoxicated.

Wednesday, another suspected drunk driver hit two people pushing an SUV out of the road at 25th and Post. The victims survived, but one of them sustained substantial injuries to one of his legs, according to police.

"There (are) a lot of cars that break down in the Indy metro area, city streets or the highways," State Police Sgt. Rich Myers said.

While the victims were not at fault in these crashes, Myers said they do show how dangerous the roads can be, especially after dark.

He suggested you keep flares or some kind of reflective material in your car, so you can put them out to warn drivers if you break down. You can buy LED flares for less than $10 at some stores.

You should put your flashers on, if you can, and don't block them if you try to push the car.

Two drivers we talked to, though, said if you can get safely out of your car and away from traffic, that's better than trying to push the car anywhere. You should also call 911 right away.

"Definitely dial 911, let them know what’s going on, try and get the emergency personnel there to help you out with some lighting," Myers said.

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