Crown Hill neighborhood to celebrate one year without homicides

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Just three years ago, the Crown Hill neighborhood was named the 17th most dangerous in America.

This weekend, neighbors are celebrating going a year without a criminal homicide.

“We’ve seen the bad, we’ve seen the good of the neighborhood,” said Shane Evans. “It’s a lot of change that’s going on here.”

The 24-year-old grew up being mentored in Young Men Inc. Now he is a mentor to many kids, including some who live in Crown Hill.

Evans is ecstatic to see how safe their neighborhood has become.

“It’s something big!” said Evans. “The neighbors care. They want to get out and protect their community and their neighborhood and clean it up. (07) I know it’s still some things that need to be fixed, but that’s big, not to have a homicide in a whole year.”

The biggest help, Shane believes, has been neighbors getting to know one another and faith leaders diving in to help stop the violence.

For the neighborhood to keep improving, Shane thinks everyone involved has to keep pushing forward with even more urgency.

“I think churches need to open their doors,” said Evans. “More youth programs need to be known. We need more resources for our kids. More jobs. More academic activities for our young people.”

But for now, he’s ready to celebrate how far they’ve come from one of the most dangerous places to live to one people are proud to call home.

“There’s a lot more community involvement from the people that are moving in,” said Evans. “They care about the area. They want to clean up the area, so that’s the very positive side I see.”

Saturday, neighbors, IMPD and the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition are celebrating this latest sign of progress.

They’re meeting at Mount Zion Baptist Church at 3 p.m. for a press conference and a walk immediately after.

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