Brighter days ahead along with a November feel

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The election day rain showers have thinned and will end early togiht as a cold front settles through the state.  Skies will be clearing later tonight as a north wind increases by sunrise.


Presidential election days in Indianapolis have ranged from the warmest 74° to as coldest of 26° but rainfall often has an impact on voter turn out.  A little more than 43% have recorded measurable rain dating back toi 1872.  The wettest just 12 years ago when 1.51" of rain was recorded.




There is more of a November fell coming through the rest of the week before a new cold jab arrives.  to date, November 2016 is running near 10 degrees per day above normal and ranks 5th warmest on record.  Fall 2016 currently sits 2nd warmest all time to date.

A jab of cold behind a new cold front Friday evening will deliver the coldest air of the season.  Only two night have slipped below 40° this autumn but each of those have failed to produce a frost.  As of Wednesday morning we will have equaled the latest first front on record tying November 8th 1900 as the latest first frost (36°).



Current forecasts for the weekend include a real chill by Saturday morning, will a low near the freezing mark.  Under a sprawling Canadian high pressure Saturday and Sunday, this weekend will run 15 to 20 degrees colder than last weekend.


Despite a few chilly shots of air entering the weekend the overall above average pattern looks to persist into the 3rd week of November.  Hints of a cold blast just before Thanksgiving are still alive and well, but recent computer runs are wavering on the duration of the chill.  Be sure to check back to see if 'cold' turkey is on the Thanksgiving weather menu.



'Coupled' model at this distance projects a cold change before Thanksgiving. Not the consensus at this time.  Will this hold up? Stay tuned


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