Indiana church makes bold statement about nation’s ‘immorality,’ puts U.S. flag below Christian flag

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Photo courtesy of Dan Spalding of the Warsaw Times Union

WARSAW, Ind. – An Indiana church is getting a lot of attention for their bold statement about the nation’s immorality. New Life Christian Church in Warsaw is flying the Christian church flag above the U.S. flag.

Flag protocol states that the U.S. flag always be displayed at the top when there is more than one flag.

But Pastor John B. Lowe told Dan Spalding of the Warsaw Times Union that he made the change because he’s concerned about the nation’s immorality and the “erosion of religious liberties” in the United States.

“Little by little, we’ve given up our liberties, our freedoms, the right of what is right and what is wrong and what is moral and what is not moral,” Lowe told the Warsaw Times Union. “You can talk about any religion and any religious person nearly in history with no blow back, but when you start talking about Jesus Christ, all the sudden, now you’re being a bigot.”

Lowe brought the issue up with the congregation, and after sharing his concerns, he said the members of the church were in agreement.

Lowe has received plenty of calls about the decision, and he realizes some veterans may find it offensive. But he says he doesn’t believe it’s disrespectful.

As for his views about the presidential candidates, he doesn’t believe either Trump or Clinton are moral, and the corrupt political society prevents moral people from becoming involved in politics.

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