Republican Todd Young defeats Evan Bayh in Indiana Senate race

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Republican Todd Young won the hotly contested race for Indiana’s Senate seat, beating out Democratic challenger Evan Bayh.

The race turned into one of the most closely watched in this year’s election as both major parties jockeyed for position in the Senate.

Polls showed Bayh with a lead in the race. But as Election Day drew closer and Young and Bayh—and outside groups—pelted the airwaves with ads, the tide seemed to turn in Young’s direction. That was apparent Tuesday, when Bayh lost the Senate seat he gave up six years ago.

Bayh served two terms as Indiana’s governor before serving two terms in the Senate. He stepped away from politics in 2010. But Young and pro-Republican groups successfully painted him as out of touch with Hoosiers and linked him with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, both relatively unpopular figures among Hoosier voters.

Young was elected to Congress in 2010. When he entered the race to replace Sen. Dan Coats, he was seen as a favorite until Bayh stepped in and shook up the race.

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