Thieves caught on camera breaking into Indy home, ransacking the place and taking selfies

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Thieves are caught on camera breaking into a home on the city’s south east side.

The tech-savvy homeowner captured the burglars on two different cameras, one inside and another outside.

“So seeing someone going through my personal belongings, private belongings, things of that nature it just was not a great feeling,” explains Robert Watkins, burglary victim.

Watkins tells FOX59, his home wasn’t even empty for ten minutes before the thieves broke in by prying open a back window.  The video shows the two guys, wearing hoodies and gloves shoving items in their bags. The thieves took off with $5,000 worth of gaming systems, laptops, tablets, and other electronics

“It infuriated me because these are things I have acquired over years and I work 40 hours a week for the things I own,” explains Watkins.

Watkins works in the technology industry, so his high-tech cameras aren’t just for show.

“They could have very easily just seen a camera and taken off but they looked right at it and kept going,” explains Watkins.

At one point in the nearly seven minute long clip, you can see one of the thieves in the kitchen, taking a break from the burglary.  The guy pulls his phone out to Snapchat or take a selfie.

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