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Photographer takes stunning photo of Indiana in the fall

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WARREN COUNTY, Ind. — An Indianapolis photographer took an absolutely stunning photo showcasing the state’s fall beauty.

Haley Neale has been a professional photographer for seven years, and three years ago she started her own photography business, Little Robot Photography.

Neale recently purchased a new lens filter that creates a “fog” effect in water. She was searching for a place to take advantage of it when she discovered Fall Creek Gorge (also known as Potholes) through a google image search while looking for Indiana waterfalls.

Neale says she stood in knee-deep water for about 20 minutes taking pictures, and she knew she had the perfect shot when she could no longer feel her toes.

Neale is currently working on an Indiana project for her website.

Photo courtesy of Haley Neale of Little Robot Photography

Photo courtesy of Haley Neale of Little Robot Photography