Warm Autumn is back on track; Record warmth possible late week as storm nears

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The two day cold snap has ended and Monday afternoon temperatures climbed to the 60° mark.  Monday marked another day above normal this Autumn, an Autumn that currently ranks warmest all time.

After a hard freeze and three starlight mornings below freezing, temperatures are going to remain near 40° by sunrise.



Reaching 60° today, this fall has produced the more 60° or higher afternoons since 1971 and we have a shot at surpassing 70 degrees later this week.  The flat, west to east jet stream has kept the chilly air bottled up in Canada all season long.  The 'zonal' weather pattern keeps the entire nation well above normal but changes are in the works later this week.



As projected for weeks, the shake up tot eh pattern described here weeks ago and outlined for the 19th-20th time frame of the month is right on target.  A windy, autumn storm will sweep unseasonably warm air into the state on strong southwest gusts.  High temperatures surging into the lower 70s will approach record levels.


The storm will buckle the jet stream and the coldest air of the season will come roaring in on northwest winds Saturday morning.  Get ready for the sharp drop!  We will have updated all week long.