Sex offenders arrested after failing to register in Delaware County

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DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. -- More sex offenders are moving and failing to update their addresses.

FOX59 found at least four sex offenders were arrested in Delaware County within the last month for failing to register. Three of them recently moved to the county, but did not update their addresses within the required 72-hour time frame. In Delaware County, offenders must physically walk into the sheriff's office to fill out a packet of information to register.

Hunter Rickenbach moved to Muncie from Hamilton County in September, where he was listed as a registered sex offender for sexual battery. After Rickenbach didn't update his address for more than a month, he was arrested on failure to register charges.

In another case, Aaron Buchanan moved from Florida to Texas where he was registered for multiple sex crime charges against children. He then moved to Daleville in September, but didn't register as a sex offender for at least two months before being arrested.

Charles Davis moved to Muncie from Michigan in July. He was registered there as a sex offender, but has four previous convictions for failing to register. When he was arrested by Delaware County deputies, the officer requested the suspect be charged with a Level 5 felony for failing to register as a sex offender.

"It's kinda silly to go back to prison just because you can’t keep me updated on where you’re living. It’s not a tough concept. You just have to tell me," explained Delaware County Sheriff's Office Lt. Nancy Marvin.

Marvin is in charge of sex offender registries for the county. She said offenders who don't update their information is common in the county. One reason for the recent increase in arrests is likely due to the fact that the county sheriff's office is back to being fully staffed. There is now one deputy who is specifically in charge of checking in on sex offenders.

"We're out every month. I have one officer that's specifically what he does 2-3 times a month. That's how we're able to catch them, where as before, they were slipping through the cracks," Marvin said.

Deputies are also looking for 13 offenders who are currently considered non-compliant and on the run.

WC Gully has been reported as being non-compliant since February 2016. He's considered a sexually violent predator for a rape conviction in Madison County in 1997. Marvin said Gully was releases from prison, he registered once, and since then has "gone off the radar."

Non-compliant offenders, or those that are on the run, can be found on the state's sex offender registry website.

Click here for a link to the Indiana Sex and Violent Offender Registry.

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