Three easy tips to save money heating your home this winter

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Employees at hardware stores around central Indiana say they are already starting to see people come in to buy things that can save them money on their heating bill this winter.

We spoke with an expert from Home Depot and here are the three quickest and easiest things you can do right now to save money all winter.

  1. Check you attic insulation- Home Depot Manager Brent Ludlow says this is the number one thing you should do before winter starts. He says a properly insulated attic can save a homeowner up to 20 percent on their heating bill. Home Depot and Lowe's offer free in home consultations to let you know how much it will cost.
  2. Seal windows and doors- Ludlow says cold air can get into your home through little cracks in your windows and doors. Hardware stores around Indianapolis sell kits that you can use to seal those cracks. The kits are relatively inexpensive can be installed in about five minutes, Ludlow says.
  3. Change your ceiling fan to its winter setting-  Most ceiling fans actually have a switch near the motor above the blades. Fans are supposed to go counterclockwise in the summer to lift the hot air out of the room and clockwise in the winter to push the hot air down.

Duke Energy also offers up some of its own heat and money saving tips.