PHOTOS: People continue to spread messages of hope, love at subway stations as part of ‘Subway Therapy’ initiative

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NEW YORK CITY – Thousands of people passing through NYC subway stations continue to spread messages of hope and love on Post-it notes.

The Post-it project has now popped up in several places and has taken over entire sections of the subway stations, including Union Square, which is where these pictures were taken.

A New York man, Matt Chavez, started an initiative known as “Subway Therapy.” Chavez started his subway therapy program six months ago as a way to give passersby someone  to talk to. According to our sister station PIX11, Chavez saw how virtually silent the subway was the Wednesday morning after the election, so he grabbed some pens and sticky notes and hung up a sign that said, simply, “Express yourself.”

The response was immediate. More than 2,000 people stopped to share their thoughts, most of which were related to Wednesday’s election results, reported PIX11. Chavez had planned to stay for a few hours but ended up staying until the wee hours of the morning. He then removed each note himself and returned the next day to begin the process all over again.

Now, weeks later, the initiative continues, with messages focusing on a variety of subjects.

Visitors to are greeted with the following message:

I think it’s important that when people are overflowing with energy, emotion and fire we need to channel it into something that helps one another. That fire can do amazing things, but we need to make sure we are directing it so it can have the best effect. Sometimes we are burning so hot we end up burning our friends, our family, and bridges we will need to work together as a world community in the future. Don’t talk at each other. Talk with each other. You can’t fight hate with hate.