Busy, potentially messy day on roads expected Wednesday

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A lot of people will be hopping on the roads to travel to see friends and family for Thanksgiving, and with wet weather predicted Wednesday it could be a messy one.

Before you can give thanks, you might want to give yourself some extra patience.

"This is going to be a very busy travel period," AAA Hoosier Motor Club's Greg Seiter said about the upcoming holiday weekend.

AAA predicts that 1,000,000 more people will travel this Thanksgiving than did last year, 89% of them opting to drive. In Indiana, 980,000 are expected to head more than 50 miles out of town for the holiday.

Most of them will start driving on Wednesday, traditionally one of the biggest travel days of the year. They'll be battling not only traffic, but also forecasts of rain and cool temperatures in central Indiana.

"Wednesday prior to (Thanksgiving) is usually the busiest travel period. A lot of people are taking off work, trying to get away early, trying to hit the roads," Seiter said.

That's why FOX59 hit the road with Indiana State Police Trooper Nick Klingkammer on Tuseday, to see what he and fellow troopers are looking for and what they expect for the busy holiday period.

"The weather will play a factor," Klingkammer said. "It all comes down to being in a hurry."

State Police will step up their patrols and add additional resources to the roads through Sunday. They'll be watching for drivers who are making traffic worse, in addition to responding to accidents.

"We’re going to be looking for those aggressive drivers, the unsafe lane movements, the following too close, the tailgating," Klingkammer said.

We found one driver, who crossed illegally over solid white lines near Keystone Parkway and almost ran right into us. Klingkammer took the opportunity to let her know why that was illegal and dangerous, hoping to educate drivers.

"We want people to get to their destination safely. It is a family holiday and we want people to be together with their families as best as possible," Klingkammer said.

State Police and AAA suggest you make a plan, leave yourself extra time to get to your destination, and be patient if traffic becomes a problem.

INDOT will stop most construction for the holiday, but has said that some areas will remain as potential hazards and drivers should look out for construction zones.