Adult entertainment store wants to open next to Castleton Chuck-E-Cheese’s location 

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A local group hoping to block an adult entertainment store from opening next door to a north side Chuck E. Cheese’s location plans to protest at a zoning hearing for the new business on Tuesday, Dec. 6.

The two stores could be less than 100 feet apart.

Hustler Hollywood describes itself as “a leader in adult entertainment and retail merchandise.”

The city recently re-classified the business as an adult entertainment provider instead of a general retail service. Hustler Hollywood is seeking a zoning variance to open up along the popular 82nd Street retail corridor.

Many neighbors in that area are opposed to the store opening in its proposed location, due to the nearby Chuck E. Cheese’s.

At least one person feels the company would bring jobs to the area, which in their eyes outweighs the controversy over the store’s possible location.

The Greater Allisonville Community Council chartered a bus for protesters wishing to attend the meeting, which is scheduled for 1 p.m.