Muncie man found not guilty of rape, jury deadlocked on strangulation charge

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Dennis Patterson

Update (3/1/17) – A verdict was reached Tuesday night in the case against Dennis Darnell Patterson III, 36.

He was found not guilty on count 1 of rape and guilty on battery resulting in serious bodily injury, count 2.

The jury was deadlocked for count 3, strangulation. Patterson was also found not guilty on intimidation.

Sentencing will be on hold until the prosecutor decides if they’re going to retry Patterson for strangulation.

Original Story:

MUNCIE, Ind.– A Muncie man is facing charges after allegedly raping a woman he had met at a bar.

The victim said the incident occurred early in the morning on Dec. 11. She said she was at Uggly’s Bar when she met Dennis Darnell Patterson III, 36, who had recently friended her on Facebook. He asked if she remembered him, and said they should go back to his house in the 600 block of West Jackson Street to continue drinking.

While they were drinking at the residence, the victim said he asked her if she was going to have sex with him. She said no and they continued to hang out.

He asked again, and she said no again.

That’s when she says he came over to her chair, grabbed her and threw her to the ground. He stomped on her back and began to choke her with his hands.

While choking her, court documents show he also hit her in her jaw. Patterson then allegedly pulled off the victim’s underwear and raped her. He forced her onto a mattress and continued to rape and assault her. The victim lost consciousness before he was done.

She awoke to find him asleep. She dressed herself and walked home.

The victim spoke with police, who tried to get in touch with the suspect. They saw him peaking out the windows, but could not make contact. They eventually obtained a search warrant and found two women in the residence.

One told police Patterson told her he’d be going to jail for a while and admitted to beating up the victim. He did not say anything about the alleged rape.  The other woman mentioned he was mad about a woman stealing something from him, but didn’t provide specifics.

Patterson was taken into custody. He acted surprised by the allegations and told police he didn’t know what they were talking about. He claimed the victim showed up at his home uninvited, crying and saying she was beaten up.

He says he helped her for a while and then fell asleep. He said when he woke up, his coat and money were missing.

He denied the assault on several occasions. According to court documents, he threatened the victim on Facebook.

The victim’s blood-stained hoodie was found in Patterson’s couch. A blood stain was also found on the bedroom floor.

Patterson faces one count of rape.