Knightstown cross back on Christmas tree after weeks of negotiating with ACLU

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KNIGHTSTOWN, Ind. – Just two weeks after the cross atop the Knightstown Christmas tree was removed following an ACLU lawsuit, it’s back—just not on top.

Residents returned the cross to the tree Thursday morning, a staff member at the town hall told FOX59. Although the cross wasn’t returned to its former spot, it is near the top, and it will be lit at night.

A star has now taken the top spot of the tree.

Town council members would not comment on the return of the cross due to pending litigation.

The two sides reportedly had a teleconference Tuesday.  They do not have a written agreement, but the ACLU decided to withdraw their preliminary injunction afterward.

The two sides will have another call on January 27 to further discuss the incident.

Last night there was supposed to be a town meeting with an announcement about the cross on the tree, but residents were confused when they found a note on the door that said the meeting had been canceled.

The cross was removed from atop the tree after the ACLU filed a lawsuit the first week of December.

The suit alleged that the Latin cross “is the preeminent symbol of Christianity, representing the instrument of the crucifixion of Jesus.” So the suit argued it has no business on town property.

The Christian Law Association has been negotiating with the ACLU to create a display that could incorporate the cross.

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