Men spend holiday weekend behind bars following beating

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UPDATE (February 8, 2018) -- Jerrod Williams pleaded guilty to robbery resulting in serious bodily injury and was sentenced to 15 years in the Department of Correction, with all but 3 years of that sentence suspended. The sentence also includes 8 years of probation.

THORNTOWN, Ind. -- Three men spent the holiday weekend in jail after their arrest for beating and robbing a man in Thorntown.

Police arrested the men on Thursday, after finding a man who had been beaten and stabbed with a screwdriver. FOX59 talked to a woman who was driving in the area of Plum and West Streets, when she said the victim ran into the road and asked her for help.

According to court paperwork, provided by the Lebanon Reporter, Matt Combs, Alex Ferguson, and Jerrod Williams lured that victim to a home on Main Street because he'd hit on Williams' girlfriend.

Williams told investigators he "decided to invite (the victim) over to rob him and teach him a lesson...and wanted to use the other two guys as his force."

One man said Ferguson "stated 'Are we going to kill him' and 'I know how to dump a body,'" and he himself later told investigators "he had watched a show about dumping a body in with pigs and they could eat the remains...(but) he would probably dump it somewhere where no one could find it."

That never transpired, however, and Ferguson was not charged with anything for making those claims. He said he recognized the victim, who had come into his workplace, and instead hid in a back room during the beating.

The other two men, according to the paperwork, confronted the victim and jumped him when he revealed he had a knife. One said he "grabbed a screwdriver and began to stab (the victim) in the side...and might have stabbed him in the head." The other said "he grabbed a 'pole' used to mix concrete and began striking (the victim) in the legs."

Williams said he saw blood and became sick, so he sat down. Combs said he then helped the victim out the front door, where a bystander saw him bleeding and struggling to get in his car and also called police.

"I was about ready to head out and then all of a sudden there were police cars in the road (and) the ambulance sitting right out my front door," neighbor Barney Lewis said.

The victim ended up in front of Lewis' house, where he was treated for a concussion and multiple stab wounds. He was later released from the hospital.

Lewis and other neighbors said the violent crime was extremely unusual in the area.

"You get some ... problems downtown with people coming out of the bars and too much celebration, but other than that no, it’s fairly quiet," Lewis said.

All three men were still in the Boone County Jail Monday, being held on $50,000 bond each.

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