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IU football experiences Alcatraz ahead of Foster Farms Bowl against Utah

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SAN FRANCISCO, Cal.-- As the Indiana University football team prepares to face Utah in the Foster Farms Bowl on Wednesday, the Hoosiers took a little time off the field to take in the California sights. That included a trip to Alcatraz Island to experience the iconic landmark, take in some history and also enjoy some team bonding, and Indy Sports Central’s Tricia Whitaker tagged along for the Hoosiers excursion to one of the most intimidating structures in the country.

This bowl game is not only a chance to improve the program’s standing on a national scale, but also an opportunity for many players to gain perspective and experience. They boarded a boat to venture across the Bay and tour Alcatraz, learning of the notorious criminals who had been housed there, the conditions they endured and learned the tales of how many of the country’s most dangerous criminals escaped the prison.

“When they went through the accounts of the escapes, that has always fascinated me, to be able to hear the couple of different ones they talked about and the ways they did it,” IU head football coach Tom Allen said.

Many of the players admit they were a bit spooked by the suffocating surroundings when stepping through solitary confinement. “There are ghosts all around here,” one player remarked. “I’m claustrophobic anyway, I can’t do that,” another reacted.

“I couldn’t even imagine being in there,” IU running back Devine Redding said. “I can’t imagine some of the things that were going on in there.”

IU will kick off against Utah for the Foster Farms Bowl in Santa Clara, Calif. on Wednesday at 8:30 PM. The game will be televised on FOX59.

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