Slaying of Indianapolis father on front porch still unsolved

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Ryan Goss did nothing to deserve to die and that’s why his murder is the latest case to be profiled on Indy’s Unsolved.

The father of two, a stay-at-home dad and youth sports referee, was shot at random for the thrill of the kill by a man walking down the 5400 block of North High School Road on July 30, 2016.

The gunman apparently scouted out a target of opportunity, walking up and down the road from the Speedway convenience store past an elementary school to a nearby subdivision for 15 minutes before firing nine shots at Goss as he stood surveying a warm late Saturday afternoon on the northwest side.

Luci Goss was at her husband’s side when gunfire rang out.

“About that time I heard some popping noises ,” she said. “I hit the ground.

“I turned and I looked and I’d seen this person running down the street, the middle of High School Road firing a gun at our house and then I realized he was shot. I ran in the house and called 911 and came out and started CPR but when I rolled him over I knew it was a moot point but I had to try as a nurse.

“I was talking to him while I was doing CPR but he was gone by then.”

When IMPD detectives matched what Luci saw with the description of another witness, they came up with a composite sketch of an African American male with facial hair.

“All I can remember is he had a hoodie with a hat pulled up in 90 degree weather and I can remember the gun firing with smoke coming out of it,” said Goss’ widow. “It replays in my head all the time.”

Detective Brian Lambert has viewed the surveillance video shot from a camera on the school across the street.

“We can tell that he was walking up and down High School Road when Mr. Goss came home, he walked right past Mr. Goss’ car as Mr. Goss was pulling into his home and walked down the street and when he came back was when he started shooting.”

Lambert said a witness watched the shooter run back into a nearby neighborhood.

“From what I’ve learned since then it is my belief that this suspect probably does live near there.”

Six months after the echoes of gunfire have faded, Lambert is still searching for witnesses.

“There were several other people that were in the area driving by when the shooting happened. Some of them have come forward. I know that there are more.”

Her husband’s unexpected and violent death has left Luci Goss constantly looking over her shoulder.

“I get that anxiety. I get that I look at everyone like is that the person,” she said. “I want him off the streets so it doesn’t happen to another family, so he doesn’t do this again, because if he’s a person who could do this and not tell anyone, you just know it’s going to happen again.”

If you have any information about the murder of Ryan Goss one afternoon last summer, call Crimestoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

Your information may be worth a $1000 reward.