Last place finish for fantasy football player earns him a dress

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Adam Lane pays off his bet for his last place finish in fantasy football -(picture courtesy Fox 25)

TYNGSBOROUGH, Mass. – Reality hit one local fantasy football player from Tyngsborough, Mass. really hard and the results have gone viral online.

The winner of this fantasy football league walked away with money, but the last place finisher had to walk a busy street corner — in a dress.

For Adam Lane had to stand at the entrance to the Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua, New Hampshire and endure his worst nightmare that equaled his last place finish.

“A lot of people were laughing and honking, kind of like that and then some people were yelling kind of more obscene things,” Lane told FOX25.

The dress was chosen for Lane by the other members of his fantasy football league.

“Adam owned it,” Chris Butler said. “He went out there without a shirt underneath.”

The league is made of 12 childhood friends from Tyngsborough. Unfortunately for Adam, public embarrassment is the prize for coming in last place

“He had to go through with it and if he didn’t, he was out of the league.  It’s a rule,”  member Greg LaForge explained.

At least Lane didn’t have to endure the humiliation alone. His friends brought hot chocolate and heckled him from across the street.

Lane knew his get-up would get a laugh from his friends on social media, but he never expected the pictures of him wearing a dress would go viral.

“It makes sense that a lot of people at this time of year are kind of down in the dumps for losing their leagues so it makes sense that it went viral,” Lane said.

But what he lacks in fantasy football skills, he makes up in being a good sport.  And he said he is already preparing for next season in hopes of never having to wear a dress again.