New surveillance video may help solve Indy double homicide

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Indianapolis police hope several surveillance camera videos will help catch two killers.

The hunt is underway for the two men caught on camera running inside a Jordan’s Fish and Chicken with guns drawn before they robbed the store and killed the two employees working there.

Family members of Weesam Sammour and his coworker Ammar Shatnawi found them dead inside the restaurant when they didn’t make it home.

A neighboring business owner, Rose Kiki, says she was devastated hearing the news. She says she and her employees went over to the shop to eat and chat every day.

“I’ve got the image of their face,” said Kiki. “I know them very well after seeing them every day for more than five years.”

When she came in this morning, she started to wonder if her surveillance system might be angled in a way that could help find her friend’s killers.

Later that evening, detectives were able to access the system and found the two suspects, wearing hoodies just like in a previously released video from inside the restaurant.

They walk past Kiki’s shop near 21st and Post just after 10:30. Kiki hopes the video helps police bring the murderers to justice.

“I hope they find them because it doesn’t make no sense to kill people, you know?” asked Kiki in anguish. “It’s not okay to rob, but if you want to rob, just take the money and go. Why kill them? Why?”

One tip, police say, could catch the criminals and put them behind bars.

Police want people to remember every bit of information can help. If anyone even thinks they may know the men or saw something last night in the area around 21st and Post, call the anonymous Crime Stoppers tip line at (317) 262-8477.