Several cars reported with smashed windows in Fletcher Place

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Police are investigating a string of car break-ins that happened in a neighborhood near Fountain Square. Now, residents are demanding changes be made before it happens again.

“The police officer thought that maybe the person came in with a screwdriver or something and they stuck it down into the frame and tried to break the glass,” said Fletcher Place resident Courtney Bills.

Bills was one of many people who work up this morning in the Fletcher Place area and found that her car window had been smashed. She logged onto her Next Door app and found out that she was not the only one hit. Posts show that nearly half a dozen others were dealing with the same thing, so she called police.

“It comes in sprees in the neighborhoods. I’m surprised that with it being so cold outside that somebody would be out in the middle of the night breaking into cars but at that point, if you are desperate you will try anything,” said Bills.

The Bills family made sure their car doors were locked and valuables were not left in the car, but that did not keep them from becoming victims.

Police say that the car break-ins are becoming more and more common in the area and say officers rely heavily on surveillance videos and other evidence that is left behind at the scene to crack these cases.

“It is very, very helpful for businesses to have surveillance because as a detective coming back to the scene the day after, you are able to look at the video and try and piece the person together,” said IMPD officer Aaron Hamer.

Bills and her neighbors are working with IMPD and the Fletcher Place neighborhood association to develop a plan to stop this from happening again.