Winter Weather Advisory issued for Thursday; Snow for both commutes

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A winter weather advisory has been issued for Thursday from 5 AM to 9 PM. pre-dawn hours Thursday.



Snow will fall over 12-13 hour span with accumulations of up to 3" in parts of central and south-central Indiana. Highest totals are looking to be directed down state, Below I'm posting the NWS SREF computer ensemble, probability of 2" snowfall. It tops 50-60% lending higher confidence that the larger totals will be south.


Off 7 various computers, the average snowfall for Indianapolis comes it at 1.5" with a range of 1.3" to 2.7".

We are favoring the higher end totals due to the cold temperatures that will be in place as the snow falls. This will be a fluffy snow and will possibly double in the snowfall output due to the cold temps. A typical snow runs 10:1 (10" of snow for every 1" of rain) but this could be a 18 or 20:1 ratio. It may be easier to shovel but stack up quickly Thursday afternoon.

The evening computer have just arrived shortly before 10 PM and may have trimmed back on amounts slightly over the I-70 corridor.  Amounts of 3" are still possible down state and cold reach locally as high as 4" under heavier and persistant bands.


Be aware that both commutes will be affected and may be slick and be sure to join FOX 59 starting at 4 AM for updates.