Homeowner catches burglar in home, holds him until police arrive

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GREENFIELD, Ind.- A homeowner catches a suspected burglar in the act and holds him until police arrive.  Early Sunday morning, Shane Sollars returned to his home to find it trashed. Sollars quickly realized the crime wasn’t completed.

“The man walks from my kitchen to my living room,” recalls Shane Sollars, burglary victim.

39-year-old Jeremy Alexander allegedly was still in his Greenfield home.  According to the police reports, there were piles of Sollars’ clothes, food and electronics packed up and ready to go.

“I yell at him, ‘Get back stay where you are’ He literally just put his hands up and he tells me that he saw people carrying stuff out my front door and he’s protecting my stuff for me.  Of course, I know this isn’t true,” explains Sollars.

While 911 was called, Sollars had Alexander cornered in the kitchen.  It didn’t take long for officers to arrive and arrest Alexander.  You can see the Greenfield Police Department from the home.

“Once the law enforcement arrived they found the homeowner outside and the then they found the person to be arrested inside. They said the homeowner was not allowing the guy to leave,” explains Brent Eaton, Hancock County prosecutor.

Sollars hadn’t been home for a few days so he doesn’t know exactly how long Alexander had been there.  This determined homeowner was sure he was keeping Alexander in his home a little longer.

“In my mind at that point in time, there wasn’t an option, he wasn’t getting out the door without a fight,” explains Sollars.

What bothered this father the most was the fact that his 9-year-old daughter’s room was destroyed and money from her change purse was gone.

“It’s just a violation. It just makes you sick,” explains Sollars.

Alexander has been charged with burglary, possession of a syringe, and possession of paraphernalia. Alexander’s next court date is March 1.