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Major shakeup at the Noblesville Police Department results in new jobs

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. - After adding six new officers within the last year, the Noblesville police chief said he's finally able to make major moves within the department to better fight crime.

In 2017, Chief Kevin Jowitt plans to add two new data-driven positions, a new crime fighting unit and he'll also change up shift schedules and assign patrol officers to beats for the first time.

“Some of the things we are doing just don’t work very well," Jowitt said. "We’re more and more looking at what data is telling us and the data is telling us we need to change.”

The two new data-driven positions will be a crime analysis officer, focused on what's already happened, and a crime intelligence officer, focused on incoming tips and new information.

"To some extent, crime is predictable based on past data," Jowitt said. "We realize that and we really need to plug in to that capability within the police department to get that information to our folks."

In addition to those two new positions, the agency plans to create a new problem-oriented policing unit. The unit will be composed of four officers who won't respond to calls, but rather focus on one issue at a time like a rash of car break-ins.

“Our officers do a great job in trying to work on specific problems, but if they are being interrupted by radio calls they really have kind of a limited ability to do that," Jowitt said.

Finally, the department plans to change up it's shifts so its staffing better matches its call volume. Those patrol officers will also have new beats assigned to them that they will stay on for at least a year.

“We got to get better at being efficient and effective at delivering our services," Jowitt said. "And again our services are preventing crime and providing people a feeling of safety.”

The department will roll the changes out progressively throughout the year.

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