Victim of Indianapolis home invasion robbery says juvenile violence is out of control

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- An Indianapolis family survived a terrifying encounter with two armed teenagers.

The violent home invasion took place early Monday morning on the east side near 30th Street and Post Road.  The two suspects in the overnight break-in are both juveniles.

The suspects smashed their way into the apartment after the pair tried and failed to kick in the front door.

“They came in through the window.  I don’t know how the broke it, but I heard the glass shatter,” said robbery victim Austin Burton.

Burton and his two younger siblings were home at the time. Austin tried to grab his own gun for defense, but says he was quickly assaulted by the two armed thieves.

“They had my little brother in front holding him like a meat shield,” said Burton.  “I ended up getting hit with a pistol.  They had to skin glue my head because it was bleeding pretty bad.”

After pistol whipping him, the young suspects stole his gun then grabbed some electronics and ran away.

Austin says what happened inside his apartment is another scary example of teenagers with no regard for others safety.  He says it’s disturbing how often teenagers seem to be involved in violent crimes.

“Society is crumbling with the youth right now.  They’re just doing stupid stuff and nobody’s controlling them. They’re running wild doing stuff like this,” said Burton.

The home invasion comes just a couple days after a 14-year-old was killed after he tried to rob two security guards at gunpoint in front of a Beech Grove sports bar.

Late last year, a 15-year-old was shot to death on Indy’s southeast side after police say the teen tried to lure a victim to a home to rob him.

Beech Grove police claim armed robberies involving teens are becoming more common in their city.

“In the past year this is the 4th or 5th armed juvenile robbery that I know about,” said Beech Grove police Capt. Robert Mercuri.

The IMPD didn’t have specific numbers tracking juvenile suspects involved in robberies, but when it comes to homicides 2016 saw an interesting reversal.  Last year Indianapolis police only had 1 known homicide suspect under the age of 18. In 2015 there were 18 juvenile homicide suspects, with another 9 in 2014.

Numbers aside, Austin knows he’s lucky to have survived the armed home invasion with only a few bumps and bruises.

“For them to do all this for just petty crime, it’s stupid,” said Burton.

Burton says his siblings know the suspects involved in the home invasion and helped identify them to police, but so far no arrests have been made in the case.