Police investigating possible connection between armed liquor store robbery, double murder at restaurant

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Indianapolis police continue to search for two armed thieves who opened fire while robbing a liquor store on the city’s south side.

Investigators released surveillance video of the crime which took place late last month at 21st Amendment Liquor near south Keystone Avenue and Hanna Avenue.

The robbery lasted just about two minutes. Police say they’re working hard to see if the suspects may be connected to another recent high profile robbery and murder.

The video shows two armed thieves storm inside the business, guns at the ready and order one employee into a back office while the other terrified worker opens the cash drawer.

“The suspects knew exactly what they were going to do. They walk in with guns drawn,” said IMPD officer Aaron Hamer.

Both employees were forced to lie down on the ground. Police say both workers did the right thing by cooperating with every command and living to tell the tale.

“We encourage if someone comes in with gun, it’s not worth your life. Just give them what they want. Let police investigate and hopefully we’ll be able to get them,” said Hamer.

Toward the end of the two minute stick up, one of the employees flinched when the suspects fired a shot for no apparent reason.

“Although they complied, there was still a shot fired. We’re not sure if it was a warning shot or what the case may be, but it’s definitely a dangerous situation,” said Hamer.

Last week, two suspects holding similar handguns and following the same MO came into Jordan’s Fish and Chicken on the east side, jumping the counter and murdering two employees.

Police are still investigating whether the two cases involve the same suspects.

“It does appear to be very similar to incident at Jordan’s,” said Hamer. “Because of that our investigators are looking at every case individually and trying to see if they’re related to any other robberies that have occurred.”

Just like at Jordan’s, the suspects in the liquor store wore hoods and masks, so police need the public’s help getting the pair off the streets.

“The video is excellent video, but they are covered up, so we need community support to help us identify these individuals based on their clothing,” said Hamer.

The employees at the liquor store did not want to talk about the robbery. The good news is no one got hurt in that case.

Anyone with information on the armed suspects is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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