Sister of 28-year-old woman injured in I-465 overpass crash says it’s a ‘miracle’ her sister is alive

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– A woman whose arm was shattered by falling debris after a crash on northbound I-465 is lucky to be alive, according to her sister.

Beverly Murray’s sister Christine Haraburda was in the middle of the aftermath of a mobile car crusher crashing into the Rockville Road overpass Tuesday morning.

A section of the overpass came crashing through her car’s windshield on the passenger side.

Christine Haraburda

Christine Haraburda

According to Murray, Haraburda stopped to get gas on the way to work for Marion County Schools and called her boss to say she was running late. The boss said to not worry and be safe.

She was on the highway and changed lanes when all of a sudden she realized she couldn’t use her arm and there was “a bunch of stuff hitting her in the face.”

Indiana State Police Public Information Officer Dave Bursten said a semi truck was carrying a mobile car crusher, which inadvertently raised up during transit and struck overpass on Rockville Road. Bursten likened the damaged pavement on Rockville Road to earthquake damage.

The armature on the car crusher raked along the underside of the bridge and punched up the pavement on Rockville Road above, raining concrete down on other vehicles, including Haraburda’s.

She didn’t know what to do and out of nowhere, a woman claiming to be a nurse showed up and helped her put her car in park and check her pulse. A text message from her boss around this time told her to be careful about I-465 because he had heard about a crash.

Haraburda has an open fracture, meaning the bone is out of her arm and broken in multiple places. She also has nerve damage. She was meant to begin working on her Master’s Degree today.

“The passenger side of the windshield is gone, and if anybody had been sitting there they’d be gone too,” said Murray. “It’s a miracle that she survived.”

Murray said her sister shares that sentiment and is glad nobody else was injured.

“She feels very lucky to be alive,” said Murray.

Murray said her sister is making jokes despite her situation and dealing with the constant pain the best she can.

At 9:00 Tuesday night, Murray said her sister was out of surgery. She said doctors had to put a rod in her arm and use bone grafts. Murray said they will know more on Wednesday about her sisters mobility and use of her arm.

The crash is expected to cause highway lane closures for several days. Find alternate routes here.

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