Carpooling for cargo: ‘Roadie’ app helps you get your stuff from one place to another

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A new service called “Roadie” is now available in all 50 states to deliver your stuff from one location to another.

Roadie matches people who have stuff to send with drivers already headed in the right direction. By tapping into extra space in passenger vehicles already on the road, creators say Roadie gives consumers and businesses a more flexible, cost-effective and greener delivery service. You can think of it as carpooling for cargo!

“This is great for people who want to send items or people who want to make money doing it. It’s perfect for a student who goes to school in one city, but their home is in another. When they’re traveling they can also do a few deliveries. It’s a great way to help cover gas,” said Kelly Bailey, a driver for Roadie.

Bailey says people who pass a background check can be a driver. If you want to send something, you just sign into,or download the app. Roadie will find a driver, and the app’s creators say it's fast, cheap and friendly.

Roadie delivers same-day, next day and on weekends. Both the sender and receiver can track deliveries in real-time via smartphone. It's for sending all kinds of stuff, from bikes to furniture and even pets.

“People I know say Roadie is a great way to send pets. Some of our drivers are pet-certified. So if you're a breeder and need to send a pet, it's a great method. Antique dealers are also using Roadie to transport antiques,” Bailey said.

Bailey started working for Roadie to get extra cash for her daughter’s college fund. In the first 10 days, she made more than $1,000. Delivery pricing is determined by distance, size of item and urgency. Most local deliveries or “Gigs” will cost between $8 and $50.

The idea is also a green one. The creators say, by tapping into the more than one billion square feet of excess capacity in passenger vehicles already on the road, Roadie is bringing "disruptive innovation" to the $90 billion shipping industry.

Through Feb. 28, Roadie will be free if you’re donating items to Goodwill. Use the code “GOODWILL” to get the promotion or go here for more information.