Cross-contamination incident in Frankfort results in 19 people buying gasoline instead of kerosene

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Stock photo of a kerosene lamp.

FRANKFORT, Ind.– Officials say some people in Clinton County may have bought gasoline, thinking it was kerosene.

Good to Go gas station located at 505 North Jackson Street in Frankfort says they had a cross-contamination incident where 1,200 gallons of gas were dumped into a kerosene tank that had 800 gallons in it.

On Monday, approximately 86 gallons were sold to 19 people believing it was kerosene instead it was gasoline.

If you bought it, don’t use it. It could be very dangerous, officials say.

The error has been corrected, but they want to make sure all customers who bought it are safe. Out of the 19 affected customers, seven have contacted the company.

Call Robert Thompson at the Good to Go gas station if you purchased the product. The direct number is 574-205-2105.