Is the weather making you sick? Probably not

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind-- It’s something we’ve all heard before: “don’t go outside, you’ll catch a cold.”

Central Indiana is certainly experiencing some wacky weather this week, on Thursday the temperature started in the mid-60s, by evening it had plummeted to the mid-30s.

But if you think the weather is making you sick, you may be wrong.

Dr. Ed Bartkus with IU Health Methodist hospital says in reality that pesky cold or flu has more to do with how close you get to those around you than anything else-- such as when you’re at work and everyone starts to get sick.

“If you’re coughing or sneezing a cough goes about six feet so people are going to be around a lot more viruses,” Bartkus said.

Couple your over-germinated environment with the fact that most heating systems tend to dry out your nose, allowing for more viruses to gain access to your body, and you have the perfect recipe-- at least it’s the most common recipe.

At local pharmacies,  the cold and flu aisle is the reigning MVP. At Dr. Aziz’s Pharmacy, President of Operations Curt Moyer says customers have been flocking in.

“The majority of patients right now are more of a viral infection, runny nose, fever, cough, aches and pains those kinds of things,” he said.

As in most cases, doctors say staying home is the best thing you can do to prevent the spread of illness. They say if you’re sick you should talk to a doctor or pharmacist if it gets worse. Also, get a flu shot.

Doctors say it’s also important to follow basic health guidelines so you don’t spread any germs.