Crews on high alert as temperatures drop Saturday night

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Indiana Department of Transportation and Indianapolis’ Department of Public Works had crews out monitoring roadways all day Saturday and they will continue through Sunday morning.

“It doesn’t take that much ice to produce problems so we are always cautious when we are talking about freezing rain or really any type of ice on the roadways,” INDOT Spokesman Nathan Riggs said.  “One degree difference can mean the difference between straight rain and snow and ice.”

Indianapolis saw some precipitation throughout the day Saturday, but temperatures stayed above 32 degrees keeping Indiana roadways moving throughout the day. Crews are on high alert as temperatures drop Saturday night below freezing , because of the concern of moisture on the roads freezing.

“Tonight we will activate those 40 drivers and they’ll be focusing on bridges, overpasses and main thoroughfares,” DPW Spokesperson Jennifer Hashem said. “And then tomorrow morning we will have more information for any potential freezing rain that could develop Sunday night as well, which we are watching that very closely.”

Both agencies say they are keeping a close eye on the temperature outside as well as the pavement temperatures.

They ask if have to drive Saturday night to take it slow and allow extra time to get to your destination.