Series of shootings at nightclub, plasma center and home leave several men and a dog fighting for their lives

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A series of shootings around Indianapolis on Monday leaves a several men fighting for their lives.

The shootings took place at an east side nightclub, a plasma center and at a home on the near southeast side.

Dozens of bullet shells litter the parking lot outside the VIP lounge after a wild shootout overnight.

“It was like pow, then pow, then pow pow pow pow pow.  I thought oh my God, with that many shots, someone just got killed,” said neighbor Layshurn Phillips.

Luckily, while two men were hit in the gunfire, both survived.   Witnesses say the shooting started as a fight inside the club.

“They were having a rap contest and next thing they’re arguing.  They were asked to leave the club and that’s when gunfire started,” said Phillips.

Also on Monday at a plasma center at 46th street, police arrested Melvin Manuel, who they say shot and wounded another man with a shotgun.

In a neighborhood near Keystone and Raymond, two men broke into a garage behind a home and shot one man and a dog after being confronted.  Both the man and dog survived.

Last year Indianapolis saw 469 non-fatal shootings.  That is 3 fewer than the year before when there were 472 non-fatal incidents, but both those totals marked a huge increase compared to 2013 and 2014.  In 2013 there were 349 non-fatal shootings and another 374 in 2014.

“I think if I can have an impact on the non-fatal shootings I can have an impact on the homicides,” said IMPD chief Bryan Roach.

On the day he was introduced as the city’s new police chief, Roach promised to combat the number of non-fatal shootings before those crimes escalate to murder.

“In those cases I still have a person that’s alive and I can get info on what occurred and the underlying issues,” said Roach.

The window of Layshurn's SUV was blown out in the nightclub shooting she had nothing to do with, so she definitely hopes the new chief succeeds.

“There’s other ways to handle situations other than guns and violence,” said Phillips.

Last year 70 percent of the city’s non-fatal shootings took place outside the city high crime beats areas.  That equals the highest percentage of shootings outside the focus areas over the last 5 years.