Columbus residents cheer on Vice President Mike Pence

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COLUMBUS, Ind.-- Friends and supporters gathered to watch Columbus native and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence take the oath of office.

A small watch party was held at the Columbus City Hall. Supporters of Mike Pence, some who’ve known him since he was a child, clapped as he was sworn in.

“It’s emotional, it really started to hit home as you sat through the ceremony, then it becomes very reals” said Pence family friend John Dorenbusch.

Dorenbusch has been a friend of the Pence family since the 60s. He says he’s known Pence since he was in “short pants," but while watching the Columbus native take the oath of office, Dorenbusch says he’s reminded just how far the man he knows simply as Mike has come.

“It’s just a family feeling, you’re friends you’re family, you know each other quite well,” he said

City administrator Mary Ferdon said the moment transcended politics.

We’ve followed his career as well as his politics and just seeing what someone from an average family in middle class America, middle town America can do reinforces what can happen in the United States,” she said.

On the edges of the city, crews placed new signs proclaiming Columbus as the hometown of Vice President Mike Pence.

A message that Ferdon says speaks volumes to the boys and girls of Columbus showing that anything is possible, and that Hoosiers have no limits.

“Many of the people here today and throughout the city know him and his wife, or know him and his family and have followed his career, so having the chance to get together and celebrate as a group is pretty special,” she said.