Family searches for stolen U-Haul filled with $30K in valuables

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A quick stop at the Town Place Suites on the northwest side turned into a nightmare for the Jackson family.

“My wife came in and told me the truck is gone, everything is gone,” said victim Justin Jackson.

The family of three says they woke up Thursday morning to get back out on the road when they found that someone had stolen their entire U-Haul truck. The family says that the truck was filled with everything that they owned. All that was left was smashed glass.

“Our truck has been stolen and we do not know anyone that would do this to us. Our truck is now gone, what do we do?” asked Jackson.

A huge bump in the family’s cross-country road trip. They plan to buy new furniture, electronics, and clothes but say that some things like the baby pictures of their son Miles cannot be replaced.

“Our son is a little over 1 ½ years old and we lost all of his baby pictures. That is the only thing that I want back,” said Jackson.

The family tells us IMPD officers said the last time they had a case like this, they found the U-Haul but nothing was left inside. The Jackson’s pray that this case will be an exception.

“All I want back are the memories,” said Jackson.

The stolen U-Haul truck has an Arizona license plate. The plate number is ADE 88518, if you have any information call IMPD or Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.