More than 200 acres at Fishers Airport now available for commercial use

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FISHERS, Ind. - The Indianapolis Airport Authority recently made 211 acres of land at the Fishers Airport available for commercial use.

County Commissioner Steve Dillinger, R-Hamilton, is on the airport authority's board and helped broker the deal.

“This type of deal is unprecedented," Dillinger said. “Think about it. This is a piece of property, 211 acres, surrounded by  State Road 37, I-69, I-465 and 96th  street. Developers would think they died and went to heave with this."

The airport will remain the owner of the land most likely and will have final approval of what tenants ultimately get to build on the property, but Fishers' Economic Development Director Brandon Dickinson is in charge of getting the site ready and finding potential businesses.

“A lot of communities that are strapped for land would kill for having 200 acres (made) available," Dickinson said.  “It’s a tremendous opportunity that we are incredibly grateful for.”

Dickinson is currently studying the land and figuring out how much office space, green space and parking he can fit. He said the site will be a mix of new trails, corporate headquarters and industrial buildings.

“It’s not your typical industrial. You wouldn’t see semi-trucks and heavy drive semi-trailers," Dickinson said. "What you would see is kind of prototype research and development type of buildings in this space, which aligns perfectly with what we have as far as talent."

Dickinson said he hopes to wrap up his study of the land in the next 60 days and construction work on utilities for the property and new roads could begin this spring.

"Our goal would be to have some ground work going in this year probably in the spring, summer and then that would set the path for buildings getting ribbon cuttings in 2018," he said.

Dillinger said the land will increase Fishers' commercial tax base by 16 percent and land is worth anywhere between $10,000 and $190,000 per acre.

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