Delaware County EMS using more Naloxone to revive overdose victims

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DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. — First responders in Delaware County are sending out a warning after dozens of dangerous overdoses. They believe the cause is more potent heroin, plus users mixing it with other drugs.

“It just takes that one time and you will die,” said Delaware County EMS Director, Jason Rogers.

He said they’re seeing more patients in what is called “poly-pharmaceutical.” Rogers said it’s not just heroin and it’s not just Fentanyl. More drug users are mixing the abusive substances with other prescription drugs, creating a potentially deadly combination.

The more potent and powerful high is causing first responders to administer double and even triple the amounts of Naloxone they normally give.

“We start with one to two milligrams to wake them up, now we’re up to two, four, six, sometimes even eight milligrams a piece just to wake them up.” explained Delaware County EMS Paramedic Kiely Sulberson.

First responders say this trend has been going on for a few weeks. Often, they’ll see users overdosing with other users and it’s happening more frequently in public places.

The Delaware County Health Department secured 600 Naloxone kits through a grant. Fifty of those kits went to the sheriff’s office.

“All our road deputies have them, our administrative officers have them, we have them up in the jail with a couple of our deputies that are up there,” said Sheriff Ray Dudley.

The sheriff’s office has already seen a large increase in drug cases and investigations so far this year.

“We’re gonna try to get the drugs out, but by getting the drugs out, we still gotta get people help,” Sheriff Dudley said.

A new programs called The Road to Redemption in Muncie is working to help those people as well. Brian Bell is a leader for the group. He said he’s seeing more and more users getting high because of their social environment. The Road to Redemption works with families to help users get into treatment centers and for the whole family, not just the user to heal.

When the group started last year, they had about six people. Now, they’re up to more than 100 drug users and their families seeking help in the Muncie community.

For more information on getting Naloxone Kits, call the Delaware County Health Department at 765-587-0660.

Click here for more on the Road To Redemption recovery program.

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