Pence to become highest-ranking government official to speak at March for Life

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Vice President Mike Pence waves with his wife Karen before they board Air Force Two January 26, 2017 (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON – Thousands of anti-abortion activists will descend on Washington on Friday for the annual March for Life on the heels of the Woman’s March last Saturday.

Vice President Mike Pence will address the activists at the pro-life rally on the National Mall, a senior White House official confirmed to the New York Times.

Pence regularly spoke at March for Life during the 12 years he served in Congress.

This will make Pence the highest-ranking government official to speak in person at March for Life, the New York Times reports. There have been several Republican presidents, including Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, who have spoken at the march, but they have done so remotely.

President Trump’s advisor Kellyanne Conway is also on the list of speakers for the event.

The March for Life has taken place every year for the past 44 years since the passage of Roe V. Wade. Roe V. Wade was a landmark decision that legalized abortion across the nation.

The March for Life will take place less than a week before Trump says he will name his pick for the Supreme Court. Trump has previously promised to fill the vacancy with what he has called a “pro-life” justice and has said he would sign anti-abortion measures approved by the Republican-controlled Congress.

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